MukiBaum Research

The MukiBaum Accessibility Centre conducts applied research and program evaluation to ensure that we meet best practices in the field and that our programs make a difference in the day-to-day quality of life of the children and adults we serve, and their families.

Our findings are shared with the community through peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, and local and national media outlets.

Currently, we are conducting research as part of the International Family Quality of Life Project. Family Quality of Life is defined as the degree to which the family members’ needs are met, the extent to which they enjoy their time together and the extent to which they are able to do things that are important to them (Brown & Brown, 2003).

In partnership with researchers from Australia, Israel and Canada, Foundation founder Dr. Nehama Baum was part of a group that developed and authored a new instrument for measuring Family Quality of Life – The Family Quality of Life Survey. This survey is being used internationally, as part of projects around the world. In Ontario, the MukiBaum Accessibility Centre works with researchers from The University of Toronto, Surrey Place and other community organizations. We listen to the voices of the families we serve and apply the data we collect to improving our programs.

We are also the proud creators and organizers of the biennial International Come to Your Senses Conference, a meeting place for professionals from varied disciplines to present their sensory-related research findings.