A New Day Program For Young Adults With Complex Disabilities

MukiBaum Information

Program Skills

  • Language / Communication Development
  • Social Skills
  • Skill Advancement
  • Vocational Training
Community Program Included


  • Technology (iPad, Smart Whiteboard, Virtual Reality)
  • Expressive Arts (Music, Drama, Art)
  • Therapies (Sensory Integration, Occupational Therapy)
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Community Involvement

This Day Program

was developed to answer the needs of youth and young adults with complex developmental, sensory, behavioural and physical disabilities who have graduated from high school and other programs. Often children and youth with complex disabilities, when graduating, find themselves in a situation in which they feel excluded and different from their peers who continue on with their schooling or with being integrated into the workforce. Most often these young adults cannot find a suitable program that will answer their needs. As a result many of them sit at home and lose many of the skills they have acquired when at school programs.

The First Goal of the Program

as its name states, is to focus on empowering the present so that participants can start a transition process from childhood to more adult life. With the aid of SmartBoard, iPad and computer IT technologies as well as the implementation of therapies such as expressive arts, sensory intervention, occupational therapy, physical and sport involvement, yoga, dance and music therapies participants are able to develop. They develop not only a stronger self-esteem, a more solid self-confidence and awareness of their own being, but they are also able to move forward towards achieving other goals such as skills for living. These include cognitive ability, development of language and communication capacity, social interactive skills and vocational capabilities.

For More Information Or To Register, Please Contact

Jameson Wood

Acting Senior Coordinator of Fundraising, Public Relations and Programs Jameson@MukibaumFoundation.com

Inclusive Community-Based Programming

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Free Preventative Dental Health Program for Uninsured/Underinsured families & their children/adults with disabilities!

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