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Who We Are

We are a Toronto non-profit, non-governmental organization which provides inclusive, specialized and unique community focused supports to children and adults with autism and other complex disabilities and their families.

MukiBaum Encourage Family

We Encourage Family

Including parents, caregivers and siblings to participate in our Community Programs.

MukiBaum Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Includes the Multi-Focal Approach, which focuses on the whole person and not just his or her disabilities.

MukiBaum Flexible Eligibility

Flexible Eligibility

Early intervention can have an enormous impact on the development of a child with disabilities.

Inclusive Community-Based Programming

Inclusive community-based programming which aims to change the landscape of service provision to individuals with autism and other complex disabilities and their families.

MukiBaum Day Program

Day Program

Answer the needs of youth and young adults with autism and/or other complex developmental, sensory, behavioural and physical disabilities

MukiBaum Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Parents & Children growing together. Ages 18 months to 5 years old are welcome

MukiBaum Soaring With Social Skills

Soaring With Social Skills

The Soaring with Social Skills program teaches, enhances and improves social skills through group socialization and group therapies.



Free Preventative Dental Health Program for Uninsured/Underinsured families & their children/adults with disabilities!

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MukiBaum Match Muki

Show your support by matching the amount Muki raises during one day, one week, or one month of the Match Muki Campaign. He is the namesake for the MukiBaum Accessibility Centre and is not connected to any other organization. Your donation will help the MukiBaum Accessibility Centre provide innovative, low-cost, community-based programs to children and adults with complex disabilities.

A Day In The Life Of Muki


As a non-profit and especially as an NGO (non-governmental organization) the MukiBaum Accessibility Centre relies on their fantastic fundraising events as key sources of funds to continue to support the families and their children with complex autism and/or other developmental disabilities by offering community-based, inclusive therapies and day programs.

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