In 1959, Muki Baum was born with cerebral palsy and a severe hearing impairment. When he was five months old, his parents were advised to put him in an institution, because he would be “a piece of meat you will carry with you all your life.” Contrary to that doctor’s assessment, Muki leads a rich, fulfilling and independent life despite his severe physical and auditory challenges.

Muki inspired his mother to dedicate her life to supporting other families so that their children with disabilities would not fall through the cracks of the education and healthcare systems. In 1979, Dr. Nehama Baum founded the Muki Baum Association (which later began to operate under the name Muki Baum Treatment Centres) to assist children and adults with dual diagnosis, autism, Down syndrome, and other complex conditions.

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After over 30 years as the executive director of the Muki Baum Association, Dr. Baum established the MukiBaum Accessibility Foundation in 2011. The Foundation was renamed the MukiBaum Accessibility Centre in 2016. The Centre is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that aims to change the landscape of service provision by providing inclusive community and family outreach programs for children and adults with complex disabilities. Our programs are unique in their focus on the individual as well as the whole family, their use of the Multi-Focal Approach, and their flexible eligibility model that includes people who have not yet been formally diagnosed.