Multi-Focal Approach

A key element of the MukiBaum Accessibility Centre‚Äôs philosophy is the unique Multi-Focal Approach, which was developed in 1971 by Dr. Nehama Baum.  The approach focuses on seeing a person as a whole human being, as opposed to only focusing on his or her challenges and disabilities. Unlike Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), the Multi-Focal Approach addresses the causes of challenges, not only their symptoms. For example, we treat behaviour as a means of expressing needs or desires and as a reaction to environmental messages. To bring about a change in behaviour, we must attend to the underlying emotional, psychological and sensory needs of the person.

This humanistic approach gives the child or adult a sense that they are being heard, seen, accepted and respected and opens the door for growth and development through new self confidence, better self-esteem and improved quality-of-life.

MukiBaum Multi Focal Approach

Family Inclusion

At the MukiBaum Accessibility Centre, our Family Outreach programs are open not only to individuals with disabilities, but also to their whole families, including parents, caregivers and siblings. For many families, our outreach programs provide a unique opportunity for the entire family to learn, grow, bond and have fun together.

Because caring for a person with disabilities can be challenging and isolating, we believe that in order to best support a person with disabilities we must also provide support, education and resources to his or her family.

Flexible Eligibility

Early intervention can have an enormous impact on the development of a child with disabilities. Unfortunately, diagnosis can take years, as can locating appropriate, funded services once diagnosis has been made. The MukiBaum Accessibility Centre addresses this gap by providing families with immediate programming even if they have not been formally diagnosed. Comparable in cost to common extracurricular activities, our programs are affordable for families who do not receive government assistance.